At Cryotherapy of Charlotte County, we deeply value each and every one of our clients. Your health, wellness, and satisfaction are at the heart of what we do, and nothing brings us more joy than seeing the positive impact our services have on your lives. We are immensely grateful for the feedback and reviews you share; they not only inspire our team to continue improving but also affirm the hard work we put into ensuring the best possible experience for you. We invite you to read the testimonials below to see the real stories of transformation and rejuvenation our clients have experienced. Your trust and support mean the world to us, and we look forward to continuing to serve you with dedication and care.

Cryotherapy of Charlotte County provides some amazing health results. The professional vibration system helps with your circulation, the salt therapy booth will help clear up your lungs from bronchitis but the star of the show is the whole-body cryotherapy

Glenn B.

I have used this service for 3 years. As an athlete, personal trainer, and landscaper, I beat my body up! Cryotherapy of Charlotte County offers amazing services at prices that can’t be beat. It is beyond effective. I have numerous health issues, joint issues, and body mechanics issues, and this service helps with my pain and rehab!

Tamar K.

I had such a wonderful experience with the Cryotherapy of Charlotte County facility. Very professional staff and make you comfortable in every way. Highly recommend. Very knowledgeable on every level. I tried 4 different services that they provide with great results.

Debbie J.

Phenomenal first session stretching and Cryotherapy. Nathan does an exceptional job explaining his methods, intentions and the benefits expected. The cryotherapy was a very interesting 3 minutes as I have a strong aversion to cold, but it was surprisingly manageable with Nathan engaging in conversation the entire time. Looking forward to feeling the positive effects and my next visit!

Kelly F.

I am such a fan! I was skeptical at first but have felt the best ever with weekly whole body cryo treatments. Professional and friendly atmosphere and knowledgeable professionals!

Nix Team

I was so blown away with the amazing, scientifically researched healing modalities used at cryotherapy center in Port Charlotte, Florida. As retired RN., I was thrilled to see how Nathan applies his Master trainer skills with the whole body. From your brain health to your joints, to your cells..plus sooooo much more! In this upside down world of not knowing who cares, and can truly help..
This is the place to go!!

Laura C.

Nathan and his staff is so knowledgeable and the health benefits of cryotherapy is amazing. My son had a UCL sprain and struggling to get back to baseball and throwing at full capacity. After three treatments he is back to throwing without pain for the first time in 6 months.

Heather B.

Getting the Cryofacials with Tammlyn here has improved my skin!!!! You can really feel the difference. I will keep coming back. All the other therapies I’ve done at this office have been fantastic and have long lasting positive effects. Thankyou!!!! to Nathan Billmaier for bringing this great therapy center to our area!!!!

Linda D.

Had a great experience. I came in with questions about the benefits of cryotherapy and IR Sauna, and the staff took the time to go through the benefits and walk me through the facility. They are very nice and super knowledgeable. I will be going back.

Phillip D.


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